I Am Sooooooo Sorry If Not Updated Recently. There are Still No Updates!!! the Latest Update I Posted Are the Future already we (I) am still waiting for the update to be published. Because the updates I posted are real, but not yet PUBLISHED!  Edit

Welcome to Minecraft Updates WikiEdit

This wiki will show you new updates of Minecraft PE & Minecraft PC.

~ Daily Update ~ Only updated if Newer Versions are released ~ if not updated (it means its still on-going)

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Includes Minecraft PE

Includes Minecraft PC

If no description is found on the new article I posted it means I can't find one (haha) (just update!)

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The Minecraft PC logo

This is the Minecraft LOGOS as you can see the visual structure of it is a block because this game features a block world game which you create a home mede out of blocks to survive in a survival mode but in a creative mode you can fly build many structures you want amd you have unlimited sources. But nowadays alot of mods are created and cheats but I recommend you to play fair! This game is Addicting!!! made by "Markus Notch Persson"  actually Notch is a good character in minecraft like steve, the main playert in minecraft. Herobrine is the brother of Notch... Herobrine is an evil Character in minecraft, a killer....


The Minecraft PE logo